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Join us on Twitter for the DDP Connects UK launch

28 September 2017
DDP Connects UK event live

The DDP Connects UK launch is tomorrow, and we will be live tweeting the event.

You can follow along and get involved by joining us at @ddpnetwork.

We’ll also be using the hashtag #ddpconnectsuk for the day which is due to start at 9:30am.

Looking to the Future: Innovative developments

This one-day conference and launch is an exciting opportunity to find out about the latest advances and about DDP Connects UK from Julie Hudson and the Directors.

The event includes talks and presentations from Dan Hughes, Children Always First, Anita Huggins, Ben Gurney-Smith and Megan Wingfield, Anna Binnie-Dawson and Kim Golding.

Edit: Kim Golding is now chairing the day and not giving a presentation.

Ben Gurney-Smith and Megan Wingfield are not attending so have provided information to distribute.