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Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Dan Hughes, Ph.D.

1 November 2017
Dan Hughes Lifetime Achievement Award - DDP Connects UK Launch © Kim S Golding Ltd. & Jane Foulkes

Dan Hughes, Founder of DDP, President of DDPI and Patron of DDP Connects UK, was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the DDP Connects UK launch event this September.

Celebrating the launch of our community interest company DDP Connects UK seemed a wonderful opportunity to mark a lifetime achievement.

During our one-day conference we explored the development of DDP from its roots in Dan’s own practice and ongoing development in USA and Canada, through to the building of a base in the UK to promote this model which benefits so many children and their families.

Alongside this many countries around the world are also exploring DDP through their own training and developments. This includes Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Italy, Holland, Estonia, and Czechoslovakia. Most recently we have had interest expressed from Singapore.

Dan Hughes & Kim Golding Lifetime Achievement Award - DDP Connects UK Launch © Kim S Golding Ltd. & Jane Foulkes

This is quite an achievement for one clinical psychologist striving to improve his interventions with the children and families that came to his practice. We therefore wanted to mark this achievement as we set out on our latest development, ensuring that DDP has a robust future within the UK.

Kim Golding, on behalf of DDP Connects UK and DDPI presented Dan with a certificate to mark his lifetime achievement. The popularity of this presentation was marked by the enthusiastic applause of the audience, culminating in a standing ovation.