Introduction to DDP PACE for Education Professionals, Mikenda Plant & Polly Nugent

15 March 2024 (9:30 am - 4:00 pm GMTEurope/London)
Fully booked
United Kingdom

This training is an introduction to DDP PACE and focuses on helping education professionals to develop an attitude of PACE, as part of their practice. DDP PACE trainings are provided by DDP PACE Trainers, supported by DDPI.

It covers the following elements:

1. Why children who have experienced developmental trauma experience the challenges that they do.

2. The impact of developmental trauma that leads to children needing a different parenting/teaching approach, involving PACE alongside regulatory and behavioural support. This includes the impact of relational trauma on brain development.

3. Exploring PACE, understanding the different elements (what they are and what they are not) and how they work together as a whole way of being. This will help you to develop PACE as an attitude and a way of being able to build relationship security, rather than as a technique to modify behaviour.

4. Exploring the caring capacities education staff need to help traumatised children to thrive and settle to learn – reflective capacity, mind-mindedness, good self-regulation abilities and ability to notice defensive responding and to move back into open and engaged states.

5. How to use emotional connection alongside regulatory and behavioural support and deliver discipline with empathy.

6. The importance of self-care for professionals and understanding the concept of blocked care.

More information about PACE can be found on our What is meant by PACE? page.



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