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Take part in online UK Attachment Matters Study

31 January 2020
Attachment Matters Survey Flyer

The first national UK survey looking into attachment interventions has been launched online as the Attachment Matters Study.

It is being conducted by Pasco Fearon, Peter Fonagy, and colleagues from UCL and the University of York and they are specifically interested in hearing from practitioners working therapeutically with children with attachment difficulties and/or their caregivers.

Attachment Matters: UK Survey of Routinely Used Interventions for Improving Attachment in Infants and Children

“We are conducting the first UK national survey of current interventions used by services that work with children aged 0-13 years with or at risk of attachment problems and/or their caregivers.

Our aim is to find out what face-to-face attachment interventions are currently being used, as little research has looked into this. The outcome will support the evidence base for important attachment interventions.

Survey responses will be anonymous, no names will be used. Please spare some time to take our survey which should take no more than 20 minutes, to help us build a picture of attachment intervention provision in the UK.”
Elaine Amoah, UCL

The survey and information sheet can be found at:

Please fill in the above survey and support the DDP community.

You can also follow the study and share content from their social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @Attachment2020.