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DDP Consultant Clinical Lead and DDP trained Therapist posts, TouchBase

26 May 2022

TouchBase Centre CIC are looking for a DDP Consultant for the position of Clinical Lead and DDP trained therapists, both based in the South of England.

The Clinical Lead position is open to DDP Consultants, employed three-days per week, online and/or at TouchBase headquarters in Brighton and Hove. The role includes providing supervision and quality assurance for the TouchBase therapy team and practitioner Leads.

The DDP trained therapist posts are open to those who have completed DDP Level One, though the successful applicants may have preferably started the DDP Practitioner practicum. They are based at the TouchBase Maidenhead site, for 2 days per week from September 2022 on a self-employed basis. This role will be part of a new therapy team in partnership with Beech Lodge School, Maidenhead.

“We are a dynamic and passionate group of skilled trauma responsive practitioners, highly experienced in the contexts of therapy, education and out in the community. We offer a range of interventions including attachment aware and trauma responsive trainings, therapies, educational support, community projects and Louise Michelle Bombèr’s bespoke Seguridad, a developmental trauma intervention. Our Engine Room team ensure we deliver high quality responsive support in a timely manner.

TouchBaseTM is a dynamic organisation that, by its very nature is required to change as the needs of those who have experienced relational traumas and losses in our communities change and the external environment evolves.”

There are no closing dates for applications.

For more information please contact TouchBase through their website or you can email Louise Michelle Bombèr, founding Director of TouchBase and DDP Practitioner, at for more information.

Please note: DDP Network and DDP Connects UK do not offer a service to advertise jobs in general. Exceptions are made with posts that are looking for applicants with experience and training in DDP with brief details posted as a “Latest News” item.