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Adopt Birmingham are our newest Partner Organisation

13 July 2023
Adopt Birmingham logo

We are pleased to announce that Adopt Birmingham have been made a Partner Organisation by DDP Connects UK. Adopt Birmingham is a Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) and part of Birmingham Children’s Trust.

Partner Organisations are UK statutory services, recognised and validated by DDP Connects UK, as working closely with DDP Trainers and Consultants to implement a DDP-informed practice model at all levels of the service.

Over several years, the Adoption Social Workers at Adopt Birmingham have been trained in DDP and supported with ongoing DDP consultation. This has included reflective practice opportunities to use DDP principles and ways of being in all aspects of their work.

They have worked closely with Billy Smythe, DDP Trainer, Consultant and Practitioner, to help DDP become evident within all work with children and families at different stages of the adoption journey. The service have also worked hard to embed DDP within team meetings, supervision and in working and relating to each other and with other professionals.

In awarding Adopt Birmingham Partner status, DDP Connects UK gave the following feedback:

We are all very impressed with the depth of work that the Adoption Service has undertaken over several years to embed DDP principles across the work you do and your ongoing commitment to developing and maintaining services that are trauma-informed, attachment-focused, and relationship-based. The application and action plan are really comprehensive, and evidence the excellent and thoughtful work done to get you to this stage”.

Adopt Birmingham surveyed their service to ask how DDP practice and principles make a difference to their work with adopters, families, and colleagues. Feedback included the following:

“DDP… gives workers the confidence to lean into some of the uncomfortable issues adoption raises particularly around attachment loss and the impact of trauma…”

“DDP practice has helped to ensure that the team around the child are also maintaining a therapeutic response and this approach can help to avoid / manage any conflict of interest / competing demands by different services /professional roles…”

“There is an underpinning of relationship practise which is underpinned by a service wide understanding and use of PACE. The language used with adopters reflects an embracing of DDP principles and the importance of curiosity, the two-hands of parenting, shared intention, and repair where there has been rupture”

DDP Connects UK congratulates everyone at Adopt Birmingham for their hard work and commitment to systemically embedding DDP. You can find out more about how your service can become a Partner Organisation, including a report from Ealing Children Services Connect Service, London, in our Partner Organisations section.