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Partner Organisations with DDP Connects UK

31 October 2019
DDP Connects UK Partner Organisation Logo

DDP Connects UK are pleased to announce the piloting of Partner Organisations.

These are UK statutory services recognised by DDP Connects UK as working closely with DDP Trainers and Consultants to implement a DDP-informed practice model.

Partner Organisations can include fostering or children in care teams within a local authority, NHS child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) or child health teams. Partners are likely to organise and fund regular DDP Level One and Two trainings for staff, provide regular DDP consultation for staff and run DDP-informed parenting groups, such as Kim Golding’s DDPI-Endorsed parenting groups.

The Connect Service, Ealing Council

In November 2018, The Connect Service, Ealing Council, became DDP Connects UK’s first Partner Organisation and Ealing has been helping us with the pilot.

How to become a Partner Organisation

Becoming a Partner Organisation is not a certification process and is separate from the DDPI Organisational Certification process (which works well for privately run organisations, such as residential homes and schools, independent adoption and fostering agencies).

It works alongside statutory services to acknowledge and validate shared aims about how services are provided to children and their families. To find out more please visit our Partner Organisation section, which includes How to become a Partner Organisation, general information and an in-depth look at The Connect Service, Ealing Council.

If your organisation is working with one or more DDP Practitioners, Consultants or Trainers please discuss with them about the process and how to apply. If not, for more information please get in touch using our contact page.


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