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DDP referred to positively in recent NICE Guidance on Children’s Attachment

25 November 2015

To see how DDP is positively included in the recent NICE guidance please look at section on “Recommendations for Research” 3. Evaluation of extensively used interventions.

The guidance recommends:
3 Evaluation of extensively used interventions

Evaluate currently unevaluated but extensively used interventions for attachment difficulties.

Why this is important

Various interventions are currently used to help address attachment difficulties that may be clinically effective, but without good quality evidence they cannot be considered by NICE.

A randomised controlled trial should be carried out that compares currently unevaluated interventions, such as playtherapy, dyadic developmental psychotherapy, and attachment aware schools program with an evidence‑based treatment for attachment difficulties. The interventions should address children in a wide variety of placements and ages.

Primary outcome measures may include:

  • attachment
  • parental sensitivity
  • placement disruption
  • educational performance
  • behavioural problems.

There should be at least a 6‑month to 1‑year follow‑up. Potential harms also need to be captured. Qualitative data may also be collected on the parents’ and child’s experience of the intervention.

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