How to become a Partner Organisation

What an organisation needs to do to become a Partner Organisation

The following actions and services are required, and will be recorded on the Checklist and Annual Plan document.

  • Work with one or more DDPI-approved DDP Trainers and Consultants
  • Run regular DDP Level One and Two trainings with a plan to involve staff, as agreed with the DDP Trainer and senior managers or if a small service or team, fund key staff to attend DDP Level One and Two trainings run by other organisations.
  • Provide regular group consultation or supervision for staff with one or more DDP Trainers and Consultants.
  • Provide regular group consultation for team managers with one or more DDP Trainers and Consultants.
  • Ensure relevant senior managers meet regularly with a named DDP Trainer and DDP Consultant to plan and review.
  • Provide written documents or evidence that co-exist and fit with their formal organisational documents that include service or team principles that are trauma-informed, attachment-focused and relationship-based.
  • Run regular DDP-informed parent and/or carer training
  • Ensure transitions between the team/service and other parts of the local authority or NHS Trust and other agencies, follow the above principles to an extent that is agreed as realistic given local funding, social and wider systemic factors over which the team or service may have no responsibility for.
  • It is desirable but not essential that some staff work towards starting the Practitioner in DDP practicum or have started the Practitioner practicum.

Formal arrangements, such as certificates, fees and reviews

1. What would this arrangement be called and how are services recognised?

The team or service will be called a DDP Connects UK ‘Partner Organisation’.

This includes:

  • A certificate stating this
  • The option for the team or service to use DDP Connects UK logo as agreed
  • The option for DDP Connects UK to use the team/service logos or other agreed representation on the DDP Network website and literature, as agreed

2. Are there any joining fees or annual fees over and above the costs of funding level one and two and other training, consultation and supervision, meetings with managers, and admin costs?

There will be no additional joining or annual fees associated with being a Partner Organisation. This process is designed to be light on admin, with one form to complete and sign, and an annual review.

3. How long will being a ‘Partner Organisation’ last and how will the arrangement be reviewed?

It will last for one year with annual reviews between senior managers and DDP Trainers and Consultants.

How can I find out more?

If your organisation is working with one or more DDP Practitioners, Consultants or Trainers please talk with them about the process and how to apply.

If not, for more information please contact DDP Connects UK using our contact page.