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Not Again, Little Owl, new picture book for children moving to a new family

2 November 2018
Not Again, Little Owl book © Vivien Norris

Not Again, Little Owl is a fantastic new book written by Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) Practitioner & Clinical Director of The Family Place, Viv Norris.

It aims to support adopters, carers and professionals working with children who are moving to a new family.

This beautifully written and illustrated therapeutic story book follows the journey of Little Owl from a difficult start, through multiple changes, transitions and losses, to finally finding a family and other grown up helpers who can provide the patience, support and understanding that Little Owl needs to begin to feel safe and to learn to trust again.

Transitioning children to a new home can be a daunting task, with mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety for all those involved. Little Owl is a valuable new addition to the field, aimed at helping to prepare children for transition to adoption and giving voice to children’s emotional experience & presenting behaviours. It can also be used as a therapeutic resource post placement to help adopters, carers and other supporting professionals develop conversations and narratives with children to deepen their understanding of their own experiences and feelings about moving on.

Not Again, Little Owl has been added to the DDP Library and can be purchased from The Family Place website.

Not Again, Little Owl


“Stories are such an important tool for helping children to understand and to feel understood…. ‘Not Again Little Owl’ will be of great help for children who unfortunately have to face moving too many times. Believing that a final family is permanent is so hard for these children. Knowing that others understand this through sharing this story will be very supportive”
Kim Golding. Clinical Psychologist, Author & DDP Trainer.

“A lovely story that tackles the realities of many transitions in our children’s lives with compassion and hope”.
Sally Donovan, Author & Adoptive Parent.

“It is about time that there was a story like this that lets children see that somebody gets it. This is no fairytale. All we can really promise children is to acknowledge how difficult it is and to be sure there is some consistency in the handover muddle.”
Sally Bell, Adoptive Parent.