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New DDP & Mindfulness Interest Group for Nottingham, East Midlands

21 November 2019
East Midlands DDP & Mindfulness Interest Group, Nottingham logo

A new DDP Interest Group with a special interest in integrating Mindfulness into DDP practice for the East Midlands is starting.

It will be coordinated by Mikenda Plant, Family & Systemic Psychotherapist and DDP Consultant with over 20 years experience of working with children and families.

The first meeting is to be held on Thursday 2nd April, 2020 at West Park Sports Pavilion, West Bridford, Nottingham.

It is for professionals from all backgrounds who have completed DDP Level One training and above, and is a free event supported by DDP Connects UK.

“Mindfulness involves bringing awareness to the present moment with kindness. It is a way of being, which can be enhanced through meditation practice. Bringing mindfulness into our lives and into our DDP practice, we can help to develop our awareness of our own thoughts, emotions and body sensations and our awareness of our client’s unique nature, feelings and needs. It is an ongoing learning process, not an end point.”
Mikenda Plant

More information including detailed group aims, can be found on the event page.

Places can be reserved by containing Mikenda at