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One Day ‘By Your Side’ Overview in London, 22 April 2020

3 February 2020

A one day ‘By Your Side’ overview workshop is coming to London this April.

It will be run by Dr Emily Barnbrook (DDP Practitioner and Theraplay Trainer) and PAC-UK, on 22 April 2020 at PAC-UK, Family Action Head Office, London.

By Your Side is an attachment and trauma-informed model for supporting children and the adults who care for them across the transition from foster care to adoption. It can be adapted for other family situations where children move family.

The training is open to anyone interested in the approach and is particularly suitable for staff teams, including managers, who wish to have a broad understanding of the approach.

It will provide an overview covering the following areas; the framework and theory underpinning the By Your Side transitions model, the Principles of the model, presentation of pattern of sessions, helpful ways to talk and play with children across transitions, use of rituals to provide continuity across contexts and help develop the narrative and managing adult dynamics.

More information and training registration can be found on the PAC-UK event page.

A By Your Side flyer is also available to download from the PAC-UK website.

PAC-UK is an independent Adoption Support Agency. The training is being held at their Family Action Head Office, 34 Wharf Road, Unit 3 Wharf Studios, London N1 7GR.

By Your Side

We have featured By Your Side numerous times, it includes a range of resources including trainings, guides and a children’s story book.

It was developed by Vivien Norris and the The Family Place following many years’ experience supporting vulnerable children as they move family. The model is based on our growing understanding of the impacts of developmental trauma on children and it uses best practice intervention approaches, based primarily on TheraplayⓇ and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy.

Vivien Norris is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) Trainer, Consultant & Practitioner, Theraplay trainer, Clinical Director of The Family Place and author of the By Your Side resources.