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Anna Binnie-Dawson


United Kingdom


I originally trained as an Occupational Therapist, qualifying in 1989. This remains my core profession. Since then I completed a years training in Family Therapy in Context, I qualified as an adult counsellor in 2004 and qualified as a DDP practitioner in 2012. I have worked in adult mental health, residential care, 3 generic CAMHS services and one specialist Looked After service. I have held both managerial roles and also clinical roles throughout my working life and have decided now to focus on my clinical work. I work entirely independently since April 2014 offering a range of interventions including training and supervision additional to my DDP work. I have my own therapy room and also travel to people’s homes. I also work with young people and adults who have eating disorders.  In 2019 I became a consultant DDP practitioner which allows me to support therapists in training to undertake their training as a DDP practitioner. In 2021 I completed my trainer training and I have started delivering training across the UK online at present.

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