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Proceedings online for 2019 DDP International Conference, Kansas City, USA

4 February 2020
Advertising the 2019 DDP International Conference Overland Park, Kansas City, KS

The 2019 DDP International Conference, Kansas City, USA conference proceedings are online.

Presentations where slides (and/or handouts) have been made available to download can be found in the DDP Library under 2019 DDP International Conference Kansas City.


Detailed Program for 2019 DDP International Conference, Kansas City

Keynote: To Fully Listen is to Fully Respond to the Other – Dan Hughes

Healing relational trauma through Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy – Dan Hughes

A Day in the Life – Brandon Mock and Kelly English

Creating Safe Space for Deep Listening and Mindful Speech – Bethany Klug

Listening with the parents – Kim Golding

The Miracle of Deep Listening – Kelley Hunt and Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

Self on the Brain – Jon Baylin

Creating Space Within for Listening – George Thompson

Funding a community-wide DDP initiative in St. Louis – Nickie Steinhoff

Therapeutic school transformation – Mark Siegmund and John Laffoon

The DDP Library is where you can find proceedings for all DDP Conferences.