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New online DDP Supervision and DDP Skills Practice Groups with Dafna Lender

20 December 2021
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New DDP Supervision and DDP Skills Practice Groups are starting in January 2022 and are open to new attendees who have completed DDP Level One.

Dafna Lender, Certified DDP Trainer, Consultant and Practitioner based in the USA, will be facilitating both groups. They are going ahead online using Zoom and attendees can be from any country.

The DDP Supervision Group starts from January 14, 2022. It will meet monthly and is for people who have attended DDP Level One and/or Two and “who wish to consult on a case and get DDP focused guidance and ideas of how to use DDP with their case.

This is a 2 hour group, where you will be able to observe other participants’ cases as well as present your own.  You do not have to show a video of your case, you can present the case orally and we will brainstorm together.”

There are up to 8 dates available, January 14, February 11, March 18, April 8, May 20, June 17, July 15 and August 12, 2022. It will run 6-8am PST, 7-9am Mountain, 8-10am Central, 9-11am Eastern, 2-4pm GMT, 3-5pm Central Europe Time. Dafna is offering several attendance packages, depending on number of meetings, presentation and observation time. They cost from $350-$700 USD, with a drop-in observer fee of $60 for 2 hours.

For more detailed information about the Supervision Group please see Dafna Lender’s website.

The DDP Skills Practice Group starts from January 14, 2022, as well. It meets once a month in order to practice skills introduced in DDP Level One.

This group “is a great bridge to get you ready for DDP Level Two and the DDP Practitioner practicum. There are 6 different “skills” that will be practiced in role play groups in each 1 hour 15 minutes session.” 

Sessions in 2022:

  • Practising PACE (November 11 & May 20)
  • Curiosity/making guesses – what is the core issue underneath behaviors (December 16 & June 17)
  • Ways of dealing with a child’s resistance to talking about hard things (January 14 & July 15)
  • Talking for the child in session (February 18 & August 12)
  • Managing parent resistance/dysregulation in session (March 18 & September 16)
  • Gauging when the parent needs more individual work (April 8 & October 14)

Each session is stand alone, attendees can select whichever 6 dates work best for them and any missed sessions can be made up during the next cycle of dates. They will run from 10:30-11:45am US Central Time (4:30-5:45pm GMT) and the total fee is $240 USD for 6 sessions.

Please see Dafna Lender’s website for more information about the DDP Skills Group.

If you’re interested in registering for either group and/or for more information, please email Dafna at