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Welcome new DDPI Chairperson Betty Brouwer

5 October 2017
Betty Brouwer

The DDPI Board is proud to announce Betty Brouwer as the new Chairperson to DDPI.

At the April and May Board Meetings, the DDPI Board voted to create a new position of Chairperson  and then we decided upon that individual’s function and responsibilities, now included on the website under Roles and Duties.

At the June 2017 Board Meeting Betty Brouwer, DDPI Board Member from Hamilton, Ontario was elected the first Chairperson of the DDPI Board.

Betty is certified as a DDP Practitioner, Consultant, and Trainer. Her knowledge and commitment to DDP and DDPI along with her excellent communication and administrative skills give us confidence that she will be an excellent Chairperson.

Let’s all welcome Betty as our new DDPI Chairperson!


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