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DDP News on the Canadian Front

16 August 2018
Betty Brouwer

DDP continues to grow in Ontario and right across Canada. It is exciting to see the momentum build.

Sian Phillips and Betty Brouwer, certified DDPI Trainers in Canada continue to be presenting and giving trainings on DDP.

Betty Brouwer gave a day long presentation on DDP principles and PACE  for Etobicoke Children’s Centre in March and in April for St. Thomas Children’s Aid Society.

Sian Phillips has been providing ongoing training and support to Treatment Foster Care in Cobourg, Ontario.

There are plans to offer another Level One in the Greater Toronto Hamilton area in the fall of 2018. If you are interested in taking the DDP training and want to know when the next training is taking place in Canada please contact Betty at 1-866-347-0041.

Michelle Hogeterpcertified DDP Consultant is spearheading the DDP Community of Practice in Ottawa.

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) Study day, Ontario

Following up on our DDPI conference held in Kingston last fall (2017) we held our DDP Ontario Study day on April 13, 2018 at George Hull Family Centre in Etobicoke.

It was fitting to hold it at George Hull Centre as they have been intentionally embracing and building their DDP capacity among their clinical staff. The day consisted of a dynamic presentation from Angie Portner and Kristin Gionfriddo sharing their experience at implementing Kim Golding’s Nurturing Attachment Resource Training Group with biological parents rather than adoptive and/or foster parents.

Hannah Sun-Reid followed with creative ways to blend EMDR and play therapy techniques into DDP sessions. Of course there was great food and time to share and connect with others who are in the field. It was a day in which people left inspired to change the world on “PACE” at a time.