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DDP Level One, Creemore, ON, Canada organized by TherapyTalks

7 February 2018
Betty Brouwer

Betty J.B. Brouwer ran a DDP Level One training in November 2017 with the assistance of Hannah Sun-Reid.

Held in Creemore, Ontario, Canada the event was organised by TherapyTalks, and a was a great success.

Betty notes: ‘It was great to spend four days with these seasoned therapists who are all keen to integrate DDP into their existing practice.’

Anyone interested in attending a DDP Level One or Two training should visit DDP USA & Canada Events.

If you would like to commission DDP training please get in touch using our contact page.

DDP L1 Nov 2017 Creemore ON - © Betty Brouwer

Kathy L, Kate P, Susan W, Trish M, Rebecca I, Debby B, Lindsay C, Hannah Sun-Reid, Annette J, Elaine H, Katherine R. Betty Brouwer