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Extreme weather does not deter DDP Level One in Canada’s Capital

8 February 2019

Betty J.B. Brouwer along with Michelle Hogeterp delivered the DDP Level One training Ottawa this January to a committed group of people who braved the gamut of Ottawa Winter weather.

The start of the training saw delegates and trainers brave temperatures of -37 (with the wind chill factored in), record breaking snow fall of more than 25cm in one day and then on the final day of the training we had freezing rain.

A truly Classic Canadian experience!


DDP Level One is the introductory 28-hour DDP training course for professionals and therapists who work therapeutically with children and young people, and their families, who have experienced developmental trauma and have attachment difficulties.

All upcoming DDP Level One and Two trainings can be found on DDP USA & Canada Events.

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