Family Stories

Some of these stories are from adults and some are from children.

dad-son-beach-c-Salma001Your family’s journey is unique. Adults have learned how to help children trust again and children have stepped into the uncertain world of learning how to live in a family again.

They have struggled and come through. They have discovered new ways to do things.

Through reading these you might find hope to keep going when things get tough. You might also be reminded of what you have achieved, whether you are an adult or a child.

Although adults and children are often happy to have their names used and want their practitioners named, we have decided to change names. This makes sure the identity of everyone involved is protected.

James’ experience of DDP

I realised my mum and dad would not throw me away but keep me and they still loved me even when I could be very unkind.

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Ellie’s Story “Haunted”

I had an unfortunate upbringing. I had to deal with things no child should have to. I have seen things that no one should ever see. But in the long run I know I’ll be okay. I know the people who hurt me will get what they deserve. I can’t change the past but I can make sure I have a bright future…

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On DDP Therapy, Ellie’s Story today

In 2015, Ellie wrote the very moving story of her childhood, surviving significant early adversity and abuse in ‘Haunted’.

Now in 2018, she writes an inspiring account of her experience of DDP therapy and how she feels it helped her in her own experience of Motherhood.

The therapeutic relationship I have built over the years with my therapist has been my saviour. Without her I wouldn’t have the relationships I have today. She has been my light at the end of the tunnel… I’m in a loving and healthy relationship, that I’ve been in for years. But the best thing, I am a Mum.

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Sarah,  Jim and Colin.  A foster family’s experience of DDP

In therapy we have been able to figure out with Colin how his behaviour is an expression of his early life experiences. Colin would often internalise his behaviour, believing that he was ‘stupid’ or a ‘bad person’ however he is much more able now to accept that we still love him even when he makes mistakes or his behaviour has been extreme…

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Jennifer’s family and their experience of DDP

I had to move my pet cats out after they were being strangled, burnt and for one poor soul, put in the washing machine because I had a friend around…

The feeling of relief and hope at being understood was immense. It was like suddenly finding an English speaking corner of a large and scary foreign country.

Our hope is that all children and young people who have experienced trauma will be able to access the DDP support we had. We hope that as more social care and health teams as well as wider society learns the very real routes to healthy attachment that this therapy offers, more families will be healed and the cycles of trauma broken…

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Cathy’s family and their experience of DDP

As the adoptive parents of two young siblings, we were eager to have a normal functioning home life with our children. But despite our best efforts, the more love shown to the kids, the more they pushed us away. Behaviours escalated at a frantic pace. We were seriously at our wits end…

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Loved but sad

A child’s experiences before therapy, written by a residential worker who knew the child and listened to her story

 I’m six and my little sister is four and we are both sad. We’re not sad all the time – we go to Gran and Papa’s where we are never sad, until we leave them and then we are sad again…

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