Contact the Research team

Who do I contact about research into DDP?

Any questions about published research on DDP should first be directed to the research author(s).

All other enquires about research into DDP can go to Marie Kershaw (Chair of the Research Committee) who may respond himself or delegate to members of the committee to respond to give advice and direct you further. This includes general questions and more detailed information about how to conduct research into DDP, and understanding and distributing of findings.

If you would like assistance in all things DDP research then please get in touch with Marie or you can use our Contact page.

Research Committee of DDPI

The Research Committee of DDPI develop and support research opportunities to promote evidence based research in DDP.

Aims and objectives are:

  1. To further the development of the evidence base for DDP practice, therapy and parenting.
  2. To co-ordinate appropriate support for those expressing an interest in or actively engaged in research activities which will contribute to the development of the evidence base.
  3. To explore opportunities for proactively encouraging the development of research activities which will contribute to the development of the evidence base
  4. To regularly disseminate findings relevant to the evidence base for DDP to the DDP community.
  5. To steer the DDP community as to the areas where evidence is needed and where it is more established to avoid duplication.
  6. To offer support to members developing research which is backed by consultation in the design of research and some assistance with analysis and interpretation.

Joining the research committee

Do you like to think and talk about research in DDP? Have an enthusiasm and passion for bringing evidence based practice to the work of DDP? Would like to have a role in advocating and supporting research on behalf of the DDPI? Then get in touch!

We would like to have more members on the Research Committee and are particularly keen to increase the diversity of our membership. We are an enthusiastic group and being a researcher is not mandatory. It is a voluntary role and as a minimum involves attending four meetings a year. There may be some scope to support research projects outside of this time.

If this appeals then please be in touch with the Research Committee Chair below.

Committee Members

Sabrina Persiano