DDPI Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are committed to a future where all DDP community members feel seen, heard and valued.

They are responsible for running and managing the Institute, overall strategy, setting our values and leading our culture, and are accountable to our membership.

Benjamin Hargrave


DDP Practitioner and Consultant

My name is Benjamin. I trained in art, worked in education, residential care, youth work and children’s social care which led me to become a DDP therapist. I am Queer, a term I relate to my sexuality. I am still deciding whether I would like to name my gender or not. Working with DDPI’s RESJ Committee helped me move towards an intersectional understanding of the world and what we can do as DDP people to respect this. Personally, I occupy positions of great power while inhabiting marginalised and oppressed positions too.

I work in the UK but live much of the time in Poland with my marvellous, Polish partner. This has led me to working with the Global Development Committee to think about how DDP is growing worldwide.

I am training as an EFT practitioner because I am keen to understand ways to help people’s bodies and minds heal from trauma as one system.

All of these elements inspire my hopes for DDP as an approach and as an organisation. As the DDP Worldwide Board meets for the first time, we are at a crossroads and I am excited to see where we can go from here.

Michelle Hogeterp


DDP Practitioner, Consultant and Trainer

My Name is Michelle Hogeterp. I work as a psychotherapist in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Since first learning about DDP in 2009, I have been passionate about supporting families using with using a DDP framework. I am a DDP Practitioner, Consultant, and Trainer.

I am a 2nd generation Canadian with roots in the Netherlands living, working, and playing on unceded, un-surrendered Algonquin territory. I am passionate about learning how DDP as an organization can contribute to decolonization in psychotherapy.

On a personal level, I have lived a full life of raising three kids, piecing together a career and investing in the communities that I have lived in. In the last few years, my husband and I have learned to adjust to being empty nesters and have been able to provide relief foster parenting to some amazing youth. I enjoy exploring new places, playing the piano, reading and time with family.

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Anne Benson

DDP Practitioner

I am Anne—a woman, a lesbian, a wife, a musician, a therapist, an American. I was raised by a large, nurturing community that taught me the power of acceptance and empathy, which is partly what has fueled my passion for DDP.

I came to clinical social work following years of volunteering with marginalized LGBTQ+ youth and living/working in a rural Ukrainian village. My master’s degree focused on clinical treatments of trauma in children and led me to pursue advanced training in a few models of therapy, but none have gripped me quite like DDP. I appreciate how DDP helps each clinician harness their own ability to form healthy relationships, then teach carer/child dyads to do the same.

I am excited to work with other board members from around the world to expand DDP’s reach into marginalized populations often overlooked by white, western therapy models.

My passion for growing my own DDP skills and helping it to expand led me to join the Training Committee and consider practical steps to achieve that goal. I’m honored to be a part of this new board and excited to grow with this community of clinicians and invite others in from around the world.

Carol Frazier

Carol Frazier is a Social Worker with a Masters Degree in Social Work obtained in 2008. Carol has over 20 years of experience in America and in the United Kingdom working with children, families and individuals in educational, hospital, residential, local authority and therapeutic settings. For the past 12 years, Carol has specialised in Adoption – including recruitment, adoption preparation training, adoption assessments, family finding and providing therapeutic interventions.

Carol’s DDP journey started in 2017 when she received training in DDP Level One and DDP Level Two. Since then, she has not hesitated to incorporate its principle into every thing that she does. Throughout her career she has also received training in Theraplay®, Therapeutic Life Story Work and Systemic Practice. For the past 7 years Carol has been working in a therapeutic capacity supporting permanency within birth families, adoptive families and Special Guardianships using trauma informed attachment-based play, Theraplay® and DDP principles.

Carol is particularly interested in Trauma and healing those deep wounds.  Areas of particular interest to Carol are developmental trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences and the impact that it has on mental health and health outcomes such as obesity and addiction. This has led her to learning about the Polyvagal Theory and its exploration of the autonomic nervous system. In July 2019, Carol completed yoga teacher training and was awarded a 200hr Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Certification. Through yoga and the breath she explores safety, connection, regulation and the healing power of movement.

I am Joy and I am very excited perhaps even joyful (!) to be joining the new DDP Worldwide Board. I have been co-chair of DDP Connects UK (CIC) since 2017 and have recently felt the call to move my DDP energy to supporting the worldwide development of DDP. 

My core training is as a Specialist Educational and Child Psychologist and I came across DDP whilst working in a Residential Special School near Edinburgh, Scotland in 2004. After relocating to rural Wales UK, I was so excited to complete my DDP Level One and Level Two, and then certification as Practitioner, Consultant and Trainer.

I now live in a small town in Somerset, England with my 2 teenage daughters (who kindly give me plenty of opportunities to practice PACE).

I have long understood the power of relationships. My Dad was brought up in the care system and  told me stories from a young age about how one foster carer turned his life around. When I came across DDP – the model really resonated with me and I have never looked back. DDP has been a huge personal and professional gift and I feel it is a privilege to be part of an organisation that is keen to keeping growing and spreading the influence of DDP across the world, working hard to reduce barriers to create a diverse DDP community.

Tatiana E. Gorney

I am a Greek American, born and living in Athens, Greece. I earned a BSc in Psychology from Lancaster University UK. I have a Certificate and Diploma in Person Centered Counseling and I also have obtained a Masters of Education in Autism Spectrum Disorder from Arizona State University USA.

In 2008 I started working with Roots Research Center NGO. I am currently a member of the board. My work focused on the deinstitutionalization of children in Greece. I conduct training seminars and counseling for current or prospective foster and adoptive parents and for professionals that work in the child protection system in Greece. I counsel teenagers and young people leaving institutional or alternative care. I also have a private counseling practice in Athens.

I continue my education today in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and Practice (concluded DDP Level One and Two and working towards being certified). DDP is transforming me into a better practitioner and advocate for children in institutional and alternative care. It provides me with a new way of being not only with traumatized children and their families but also with traumatized child protection systems and the professionals working in it.

Hello, I am Alison and have been around in the DDP world for some time now. It is my hope that I can share what I have learned from our DDP elders with the new Board and combine holding on to the hard work done to build the foundations with the enthusiasm, passion, and new ideas from the new Board members.

I started work in this field as a residential worker and after my Social Work degree trained with BAPT to be a play therapist. Meeting Dan 25 years ago inspired me to work dyadically and DDP continues to be the way I endeavour to help the families I work with. I work independently as a DDP Practitioner, Consultant and Trainer as feel passionately that I want to give back to the DDP world and be part of its healthy development and growth. I am grateful to Betty and Courtney, past DDPI Chairs, for growing what Dan and the elders started and shifting us down a road where we are working hard to be a more socially just and racially equitable, inclusive organisation. We still have some way to go but I feel hopeful about this and excited to part of the new DDPI board.

Delroy Madden

I am very excited to be part of a significant moment in the development of DDPI with the formation of the Worldwide board. My journey with DDPI started in 2018, when I started my DDP Level One and later continuing on to complete my DDP Level Two.

I then went on to become a committee member of the Racial Equality and Social Justice (RESJ) who were formed to help DDPI address the social imbalances that exist within the organisation and wider society that we engage with.

I have built a strong background working within various children and family services over the past 15 years here in the UK. This has involved me supporting children from many different ethnic backgrounds who have experienced various types of trauma and attachment disorders. This work has also included supporting parents who also may have experienced childhood trauma, or who simply have needed support developing their parenting style and experience.  

In 2020 I then went on to set up my own consultancy that specialised in supporting organisations imbed cultural competency and anti-racist practices into their organisations. This has given me a vast amount of experience in supporting the strategic development of organisations in this area. Presently I am the team lead of the EDI (equality diversity & inclusion) department at a Local Authority here in the UK.

Ellie Williams


DDP Practitioner

Ellie earned her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Shippensburg University, PA, where she graduated with honors and was President of the National Honors Society, Chi Sigma Iota. Ellie achieved certification through the National Board of Counselors and completed her licensure requirements in 2010 to become a Board Certified Professional Counselor.

Ellie had nine years of child welfare experience prior to becoming the Executive Director of EquiTeam Support Services in 2007. She is ADVANCED-certified in EAGALA Model Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy/Learning (EAP/EAL), an EAGALA Military Services Provider, EAGALA Mentor and a certified Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Practitioner.