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Debbie is certified as a Practitioner in DDP for parents and caregivers only.


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Debbie Havill


United Kingdom


I have over 30 years’ experience working as an adoption social worker, specialising in post adoption support with adoptive families. I now work privately, providing DDP informed therapeutic support to adoptive parents and other caregivers.

I have used DDP principles in my practice since 2004 and throughout my career have developed DDP skills through case work with adoptive families and training adoptive parents and colleagues.

I am a DDP/PACE trainer and co-facilitate a regular ‘Special Interest Group’ for Social Workers using DDP in their practice.

I specialise in working with adoptive parents and other caregivers, supporting them with the issues that parenting traumatised children raises; enabling them to be therapeutic in their parenting and better able to support any therapy that their children are receiving.

I have a particular interest in working with parents and carers who are struggling to connect with their children due to blocked care; helping them explore the issues that are preventing them from parenting therapeutically.

I am registered with Social Work England and a member of NAGALRO.

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Bristol, North Somerset, South West England