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A Message from the DDPI Board

26 July 2018
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Dear DDP Colleagues,

In light of the recent policy undertakings by the President and Attorney General of the United States of America which seeks to separate children from their parents at the southern borders of the United States and place them in detention facilities, we the DDPI Board, wish to register our resolute discord with this unfathomable inhuman treatment of families.

All of us that work in the field of attachment and trauma understand that this new governmental policy will create physical and mental health problems for these children now, that will likely worsen, having a profound negative impact over their life time.

We are proud of our membership and community who have spoken out against these policies by signing petitions, circulating information about how to contact Department of Refugee Resettlement, and planning protests against ICE. The DDPI board had planned to sign petitions focusing on stopping the policy of separating children from their parents. We hope to use our voices and our DDPI listserv in the future to organize our community’s outrage against the aftermath of these policies and focus our efforts on helping the 2000+ children that have been separated become reunited with their families.

Let’s keep our voices loud on behalf of these children and families.

DDPI Board


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