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‘An Audience with Dan Hughes’, MINDinMIND webinar, June 2021

8 June 2021
Dan Hughes, Ph.D

Join Dan Hughes for the first live MINDinMIND Legacy Interview webinar on June 19, 2021.

For ‘An Audience with Dan Hughes, creator of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy’, Jane O’Rourke, founder of MINDinMIND, will take Dan through his life and work to help traumatized children and their caregivers. They will explore the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) model and how it integrates current research, trauma theory, neurobiology, intersubjectivity and attachment.

Audience members will also have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with Dan the impact his work has had on their private and professional lives.

The webinar will run from 3pm-5pm in the UK (10am-12:30pm EST) and tickets costs from £10 to £20. For more information, including buying your ticket, please see the MINDinMIND event page.

MINDinMIND publish and share ‘interviews and blogs from leaders in child mental health’. Their website contains in-depth video interviews with ‘Child Psychotherapy Greats’ and their podcast, also called MINDinMIND, can be found through all good Podcast platforms. You can follow them on Twitter at @MINDinMIND_iv.



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