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Clover Childcare Services our newest certified DDP Organisation

13 May 2024

DDPI Worldwide would like to congratulate Clover Childcare Services, our newest and first UK residential care provider to become a certified DDP Organisation.

Clover Childcare Services is an independent organisation based in Norfolk, UK, with four homes and an independent school.

Directors, Dan Knight and Kath Laidlaw, have worked with their entire team to embed the practice and principles of DDP within their organisation. This ongoing journey has impacted all aspects of the Clover Childcare Services as it grows and develops and most importantly, is reflected in the care they provide to children and their families.

On becoming a certified DDP Organisation, Clover Childcare Services had the following to say: 

“We at Clover Childcare have realised that it was the process not the end point which has been so valuable; it has shone a light on our hearts and minds and changed what we have done to embed an aspiration to be a relational organisation. 

In the four years it has taken to reach this point of some recognition, we can safely say that the world changed; and so did we. This has contributed to meaningful, engaged conversations in our increased consciousness and coherence in practising with racial equity and social justice in mind.  There have been brave, heartfelt and sometimes difficult conversations as we brought acceptance to our limitations before we could correct them. 

The certification too has opened a dialogue between directors, staff, young people and families to understand who we are as we continue to aspire to place relationships at the heart of our development and practice. We have seen unexpected areas of growth including the facilitation of other therapies in our organisation being developed and supported and also recognised we can make a positive contribution to the worldwide development of DDP in residential care.” 

Dan Knight and Kath Laidlaw, Clover Childcare Services

“If there was a process which was mutually supportive and rewarding, working with Clover Childcare was it. In this way, certification has marked a line in what has been a relational and developmental experience ever since I met Dan and Kath; I am honored to be part of this organization, to grow with them and to contribute to their effective work with children and families.”

Dr Ben Gurney-Smith, Primary Consultant

“It has been a joy to be part of Clover Childcare Services journey to well-deserved Organisation Certification. The energy, passion, honesty and commitment to ensuring that both the children and the adults experience love, challenge and fun in the DDP way is remarkable. Clover changes children’s lives offering them positive opportunities to understand and change their stories: to heal, live, love and learn with hope.”

Edwina Grant, Second Consultant

Dan Knight and Ben Gurney-Smith first shared the Clover Childcare Services’ journey at the 2016 DDP International Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, through their talk “Navigating a way for DDP in residential care“.

You can find Clover Childcare Services listed as a certified DDP Organisation in the Find a Practitioner section.

Organisation Certification in DDP

DDP Organisations have embedded all forms of Dyadic Developmental Practice, provided by regular and ongoing DDP Consultancy and training in DDP Practice for all staff members.

The Organisation practicum is a robust process designed to lead an organisation to transform its culture and philosophy of care to embody the principles, values and skills of the DDP approach. This process is for private or independent residential homes or schools as well as adoption and fostering agencies for example.

To find out more about how to become a Certified DDP Organisation please see the DDPI Organisation Certification section.