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DDP Community Reflections launch

8 October 2020
DDP Community Reflections

We are pleased to announce the launch of DDP Community Reflections on the DDP Network website.

This new section of the DDP Resource Library is a place for the varied voices of our DDP Community to explore themes around DDP and their professional working lives.

The first entries are ‘Life in the time of Covid-19’ by Jane Hughes, DDP Practitioner, and ‘Thoughts While Re-reading Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home’ by Robert Spottswood, DDP Consultant.

‘Life in the time of Covid-19’ explores the common challenges we have all faced over the past months and the resources that have helped Jane move forward. She also reflects on how this has fed into running a UK DDP Special Interest Group, and the comfort that the shared experience can bring.

‘Fun Home’, the award-winning, 2006 graphic autobiography by Alison Bechdel, is re-examined by Robert Spottswood. On second reading, Robert analyses Bechdel’s described childhood in terms of attachment theory bringing attention to the impact of benign parental neglect.

We hope to add more reflections going forward, so please check back often.

Contributing to DDP Community Reflections

If you or someone you know has a personal article you’d like us to consider for this section, please email Authors must be a part of the DDP Community and the writing should be around DDP themes.