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New reflective article for February published

10 March 2021

A new reflective article, ‘The Sound of Silence’, has been added to the website under the Racial Equity Social Justice (RESJ) Committee.

For this February article, the author explores their responses to the first Racial Equity workshop through issues of safety and the pain of silence when experiencing White spaces as a person of colour. They reflect upon this ongoing mental and physical harm to BIPOC professionals, colleagues and clients, and they share their hopes for the future.

Reflective articles are personal responses to the 2021 Racial Equity workshops led by Nikkia Young and on the intersection of DDP with racial and social justice.

We will be publishing one or two each month in 2021, as a part of the ongoing work to reach out to and engage with all members of our community. This an integral component of DDPI and DDP Connects UK’s joint commitment to social justice and equity for all.

More information about the RESJ Committee can be found in our new Community section, along with the Global Development Committee.