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New reflective article for July

3 August 2021
Racial Equity Workshops July reflection

A new reflective article for July, I am the intersection of my identities’, has been added to the website under the Racial Equity Social Justice (RESJ) Committee.

Within this article the author explores their responses to the workshops in relation to their own “multi-racial/ethnic/cultural identities” and how White Supremacy and society has endeavoured to pigeonhole, reduce and other the author and their family. Through the workshops and with Dr. Young’s help, they have had the space to unpick their thoughts, feelings and experiences, and they reflect upon their hope that other attendees can do so as well.

Reflective articles are personal responses by selected attendees to the 2021 Racial Equity workshops led by Nikkia Young and on the intersection of DDP with racial and social justice.

Please be aware that the reflective articles may contain sensitive anecdotes and/or stories that may be upsetting and re-triggering. Their purpose is to spark inner reflection. If you are feeling moved reading them, we encourage you to journal, meditate and be with the important feelings being shared. Sitting with and truly engaging with our responses and emotions is part of the process.

We are publishing one or two each month in 2021, as a part of the ongoing work to reach out to and engage with all members of our community. This an integral component of DDPI and DDP Connects UK’s joint commitment to social justice and equity for all.

More information about the RESJ Committee can be found in our Community section, along with the Global Development Committee.

At present the RESJ Committee are not accepting any new members. If you would like to register your future interest then please email and someone will make contact with you should membership open.