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‘A Tiny Spark of Hope’ by Kim Golding CBE and Alexia Jones published, find out more about the storytelling journey

7 April 2021
A Tiny Spark of Hope © JKP

The new book A Tiny Spark of Hope: Healing Childhood Trauma in Adulthood by Kim Golding CBE and Alexia Jones was published at the beginning of the year.

Within it Kim and Alexia explore the therapeutic process, delving into “how this childhood experience had impacted on [Alexia’s] development and led to a layer of defences that helped her to survive”.

Kim uses DDP to inform her work with Alexia, as they walk alongside each other through therapy and then whilst writing the book.

More information about the book can be found in the DDP Library, it is published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in the UK and is available from all good bookshops.

Kim has also provided a new personal article about the process of writing the book for DDP Community Reflections. In When a story needs to be told. Reflections on writing ‘A Tiny Spark of Hope’, Kim discusses in detail the collaborative process when writing the book between herself and her co-author Alexia.

Kim writes:

‘A Tiny Spark of Hope’ “…describes our therapy journey illustrated by stories and the creative writing we engaged in during the process. Alexia and I combined our perspectives to create an account of the healing power of a relationship which helped Alexia to work through the challenges she faced as a survivor of childhood abuse.”

The article was originally published on the Kim S. Golding website, and has been reproduced with kind permission from Kim.

Kim Golding CBE, is a celebrated author, DDP Trainer and DDP Connects UK Director.

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