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Watch the new “SAM NOW: DDP Conversations” video

11 December 2023

What happens when a filmmaker helps his half brother search for his missing mother?

We recently had the exciting opportunity to talk to Reed Harkness, US filmmaker and director of the independent documentary SAM NOW.

The film follows Reed and his half-brother Sam as they search for Sam’s mother, years after she leaves the family. Using home videos from over 25 years, the film explores the lasting impact of intergenerational trauma and trans-racial adoption.

In “SAM NOW: DDP Conversations” Dr. Leah Crane discusses the film with Reed and together they gently tease out the many themes shared with and reflected within DDP practice. These include the power and importance of storytelling, being the person that “names the elephant in the room”, rupture and repair and what this can look like in real life.

“Speaking with Reed was delightful, and I was struck with the ways in which themes from DDP naturally resonated with Reed although he had no background in the model. He brought forth curiosity, playfulness, candor, and a desire to understand deeply. It was just a pleasure getting to chat with him.”

Dr. Leah Crane

We’ve added this DDP Conversation to the DDP Library and the DDPI Vimeo channel. DDP Conversations is a series of videos featuring conversations taking place within the DDP Community about important and timely subjects.

Leah Crane Psy.D, is a Clinical Psychologist, DDP Trainer, Consultant and Practitioner based in Connecticut, USA.

SAM NOW was broadcast in the US earlier in the year as part of Independent Lens on PBS stations and the PBS app. It is currently available to stream in the US through Criterion, Amazon Video, Apple TV, Vudu and Google Play. We will update this list with new territories when they become available.

For more information about the film and to view the trailer please visit the SAM NOW website.

Poster for the film SAM NOW, showing Sam as a child, adolescent and young man