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Watch ‘Reaching Into the Hurt Child’s Mind and Heart with PACE’ video from SAIA

23 March 2023

Scottish Attachment in Action (SAIA) have published ‘Reaching into the Hurt Child’s Mind and Heart with PACE’, a Zoom conversation between Dr Dan Hughes, Dr Kim Golding and Edwina Grant.

The video is from an online seminar and features Dan, Kim and Edwina discussing numerous topics including the therapeutic parenting and practitioner attitude of PACE, as well as responding to attendees questions.

The conversation starts between Kim and Dan as they discuss the origins of PACE and reflecting on the different aspects of it. They are led by the questions and comments of the participants that deepen their reflections. As questions about residential care arise Edwina joins them and shares her own experiences.

The conversation also turns to working with schools and reflecting on how being in a PACEful attitude in all our conversations can bring down defensiveness. They think about ongoing connection even if the child is no longer able to manage living within the family and supporting these relationships. They also touch on the importance of stories and co-creating narratives, and sometimes new narratives, that help the child to make sense of their lives. 

SAIA have made a video of the event available on their YouTube page. We have added it to the DDP Library and you can also watch it below.