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Studies into PACE in a classroom setting, Canada

9 October 2014

In Ontario, Canada, three studies are currently evaluating the use of PACE in a classroom setting, run by Dr. Sian Phillips

1. Section 23 classrooms

Pre-test, post-test and follow up data are being collected on students who have attended a section 23 classroom. Measures are completed by both teachers and parents.

To date we have seen an improvement in executive functioning, teacher and self-evaluated intra-personal strength, affective strength interpersonal strength as measured by the Behaviour and Emotional Rating Scale and a significant improvement in both the Behavioural Regulation Index and Meta-Cognitive Index of the BRIEF.

2. Limestone District School Board

3. Hastings & Prince Edward School Board

Hastings & Prince Edward School Board will complete a RCT evaluating changes in student interpersonal strength, affective strength and interpersonal strength, meta-cognitive strategies and behavioural regulation in schools where teachers have been trained to understand the impact of trauma on child-development and to use PACE rather than behavioural methods of classroom control.

Students are randomly selected to represent children from all grades. A control group of children will be randomly selected from a school serving a similar population and social demographic but whose teachers have not yet been trained to use PACE. Also included is a measure of teacher satisfaction.

We expect to see more significant changes for students where the focus is on the provision of emotional safety and co-regulation through the use of PACE. We also expect to see improved satisfaction in teachers who are using PACE.

More information about these studies can be found in Sian Phillips and Deni Melim’s presentation to the DDP Canada Conference 6-8 Oct 2014.

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