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Kim Golding and Edwina Grant take DDP to Estonia

25 May 2017
Tallinn © Kim Golding

Tallinn © Kim Golding

Jane Snaith invited Kim Golding and Edwina Grant to Estonia as part of her support to foster carers and supporting practitioners within the Non-Government Organization: ‘Family for Each Child’ (Igale Lapsele Pere).

Tallinn Level One group

Our amazing host Jane, with Kim, Edwina and the DDP level one group

Jane is active in increasing the very poor level of support that foster carers get within Estonia, recognising that the children are both beautiful but also subject to the same traumas that we experience in the UK. This can make them challenging to care for.

Kim and Edwina provided a Level One DDP training to a group of 24 practitioners. Fortunately, they all spoke good English as our two words of Estonian: Tere (Hello) and Aitah (Thankyou) were not going to get us very far!

We had a great four days with enthusiasm and interest in the DDP principles and an enthusiasm for role play that is not often matched in the UK. Supporting Estonian spoken role plays was a brand new experience for us.

Kim and Jane PACE for Parenting

Kim and Jane reading from ‘Using Stories to Build Bridges with Traumatized Children’ during the ‘PACE for Parenting’ training

Kim then did a one day ‘PACE for Parenting’ training for a group of foster carers. Jane did an amazing job translating throughout, and an initially shy group even asked some questions by the end of the day.

Kim discovered that story telling in English, translated to Estonian works and was privileged to meet the carers who are taking on such a difficult parenting role with so little support.

We look forward to continuing to support ‘Igale Lapsele Pere’ with their ongoing DDP journey.

Reproduced with kind permission from the Kim S Golding Ltd. website