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Join us for the Online DDPI AGM, November 22, 2020

16 November 2020

The DDPI Board warmly extends an invitation to all DDPI members and friends of DDPI to come and join us for DDPI’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

We will be meeting online on Sunday November 22, 2020 from 9am to 11am EST (2pm to 4pm GMT, 6am to 8am PST).

The AGM is a time to come and meet others in the DDPI community. It is an opportunity to hear what the DDPI Board and its various committees have been working on this past year – our accomplishments, activities and lessons learned of the past year and share our hopes and plans for the year ahead.  While the COVID 19 pandemic has caused disruption across the world it has also taught us is that we can connect meaningful virtually, and that we cannot do things alone. DDPI Board is here to serve the DDPI members and it also needs the support of its members.

The AGM is a time for us to gather and collectively dream, think about and commit to plans for the next few years that will enable DDPI to continue to grow and develop. It is imperative that we continue to grow and strengthen our community. DDPI is at a point in its development where it is seeking to establish itself so that it can remain vibrant and relevant beyond its founder and founding board members and to do so in a way that is racially equitable and socially just. We hope to have time for a panel discussion and a “meet and greet” to allow people to connect, to get to know board members, ask questions etc.  Thus, we welcome you to come and join us.

If you are interested in attending and haven’t received an invitation, please contact

Looking forward to connecting on the 22nd!

Betty J.B. Brouwer
Chair of DDPI Board


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