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Meet our new DDPI Board of Directors

14 June 2023

We are thrilled to announce the election of our new DDPI Board of Directors.

Our Board is made up of 9 members, living in 5 different countries, with different experiences and training in DDP, and who come from varied professional backgrounds reflective of our community.

Our new Board co-Chairs are Benjamin Hargrave and Delroy Madden. They are joined by Anne Benson, Carol Frazier, Joy Gamble, Tatiana E. Gorney, Michelle Hogeterp, Alison Keith and Ellie Williams. For full biographies please visit the DDPI Board of Directors page.

They were selected by the former DDPI Board and DDP Worldwide Foundation Working Group set up to create, oversee and advise the process. After an interview and voting process from applications submitted at the beginning of this year, they had their first meeting in April and are now properly seated within the organisation.

Our new DDPI Board, top-left to bottom-right, Benjamin Hargrave, Delroy Madden, Anne Benson, Carol Frazier, Joy Gamble, Tatiana E. Gorney, Michelle Hogeterp, Alison Keith and Ellie Williams

Delroy and Benjamin write:

“DDP grew from small roots as Dan Hughes figured out a new approach to connect with children who struggle with safety. Those roots have grown into a worldwide network. In that process our community has encountered struggles, marvels, and new learning. We want to say a huge thank you to the people who have given vast amounts of personal resources to bring us here. Many of them are still helping hold us steady.

As a community, we have now found ourselves needing a new structure. Small roots have grown many branches and sprouted stems worldwide.

As we look forward, we hope to bring members of our community who feel separated by identity, difference or space into connection with the whole. We hope to strengthen DDP’s foundations, keeping it grounded with a structure which will hold us firm for many years to come, allowing us to continue to flourish PACEfully. We are excited to join the members of the new Board of Directors who will help us create our path.

We encourage you to connect with the board and our various committees, working groups and chapters with thoughts, suggestions and ideas.”

The Board co-Chairs can be contacted directly by email at

Our work towards becoming a racially equitable and socially just organisation is, and always will be, ongoing and we hope our new Board will lead us towards a future where all DDP community members feel seen, heard and valued.


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