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Our new Vision, Mission and Values and updated Diversity Statement

12 October 2023

DDPI is proud to announce the launch of our updated Diversity Statement and new DDPI Vision, Mission and Values.

This is an important step forward to help us to work together to improve the remarkably varied lives of our colleagues and the families and children that we work with. 

These policies embed the principles of equality, equity, diversity and inclusion into all areas of the work of DDPI, including DDP training, certification, supervision, professional support and within our leadership team. Most far reaching will be the positive impact they will have on how Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and Practice are experienced and felt by individuals and organisations. 

“The DDPI Board is very proud to share with our community two documents which we believe represent the heart of DDP. Our hope is that we can build on what we have now and continue to grow DDP into an organisation which embeds more and more of what we value into every layer of our community.

We have relished the opportunity to reconnect with our core values through circling back to these pieces of writing. They are living documents and will continue to evolve with us as we learn. We hope you connect with their themes and thank you for being part of our shared community.”

DDPI Board of Directors

Both policies can can be found in full using the links below:

View the DDPI Diversity Statement

View Our Vision, Mission and Values

They are the culmination of many hours of work undertaken by the DDP Worldwide Working Group and the new DDPI Board of Directors, and will continue to evolve as we do. We’d like to thank everyone involved and for your continued support as our organisation moves forward to become more racially equitable and socially just.

All of our internal and public facing guidance and procedures are in the process of being updated, if you have any questions in the meantime please get in touch via our Contact page.