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‘DDP Conversations: The Part Race and Cultural Differences Play in our Therapeutic Practice’ videos published

29 June 2020
Delroy Madden and Kim Golding from DDP Conversations videos

Delroy Madden, DDPI Racial Equity and Social Justice Committee member, and Kim Golding, DDPI Board Member, DDP Connects UK Director and DDP Trainer, have made available their two DDP Conversations for the new DDPI Vimeo Channel.

‘The Part Race and Cultural Differences Play in our Therapeutic Practice’ is split into two parts.

Part 1 discusses “the impact that race, culture and diversity can have on the practice of therapy”. It can viewed in the DDP Library at DDP Conversations 3.

Part 2 can be viewed at DDP Conversations 4. It is a “conversation about the part race, culture and diversity play in our therapeutic practice from the perspective of the practitioner and barriers that white therapists might feel they may come up against in discussing race and culture in the therapeutic setting.

It also explores ideas of how we can learn and develop to better serve the different ethnic minority’s that are part of our community.”

DDP Conversations is a series of videos featuring conversations taking place within the DDP Community about important and timely subjects.

We would like to thank Delroy and Kim for permission to add these videos to the DDP Library and our Vimeo Channel. Both videos can also be found on the YouTube channel The Elephant in the room.

DDPI Racial Equity and Social Justice Committee

The RESJ Committee was officially launched on 5 June 2020. In collaboration with the DDPI Board and DDP Connects UK Board of Directors, it is committed to dismantling implicit biases, by addressing structural racism and its insidious influence on our work as practitioners and human beings. Its goal is to create a space where others can feel seen fully, heard clearly, equally and equitably.

For more information please see DDPI Board approves terms of reference for Racial Equity Social Justice Committee.

This announcement introduces the RESJ Committee and includes letters from Betty Brouwer, Chair of DDPI Board, and Shani Sephton, Chair of the new Racial Equity Social Justice Committee.

If you are interested in joining the conversation, please email the DDPI Administrator at