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‘Deep Sea Diving’ eBook by Hannah Sun-Reid now published

22 September 2021
Deep Sea Diving by Hannah Sun-Reid

Deep Sea Diving: Exploring the process of therapy within the DDP Model, written by Hannah Sun-Reid and illustrated by Berry Wang, is now published and available as a PDF eBook from the DDP Library.

This picture book takes children and their caregivers through the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy process, playfully demonstrating the steps and helping to explain the therapy in an easy to understand and visual manner.

Hannah has self-published the book and kindly made it available to download exclusively from this website, for Personal Use Only.

I love stories, especially picture book stories. Working with children and families has taught me to share information in an explicit and clear manner. Metaphors add visual interest to complicated information. In my years of providing training and supervision, I have noticed that many have fallen in love with the DDP model, but sometimes unsure of the sequence or the process of the DDP therapy. This has prompted me to create some explicit steps to explain DDP therapy. Of course, I cannot just use written words, I must tell a story, using swimming and diving as the metaphor. Voila! The story of Deep-Sea Diving was born.

This book is for children, parents, carers, and clinicians. It is organized to read as a child’s version, or as an adult version with the “Parent Corner”. I hope the story will help anyone, who has learned DDP, to understand it from a lighter perspective. Enjoy!

Hannah Sun-Reid

You can find the PDF download link in the book’s DDP Library entry, link below:

Please note: Copyright: Deep Sea Diving © Hannah Sun-Reid, 2021. You may download a copy of Deep Sea Diving for Personal Use Only, this allows caregivers to download and read it with their children. You may not use the PDF for commercial purposes, or republish or reproduce it without prior written permission from Hannah Sun-Reid. Please see the DDP Library entry for more details.

Hannah Sun-Reid is a Registered Psychotherapist, DDP Practitioner, Consultant and Trainer, DDPI Board Member and DDPI Global Growth and Development Committee Chair, and has published two other children’s books, “I Feel…I Am…” and “I Feel…I Can…”.