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Sian Phillips on the Trauma Informed Education Podcast

28 September 2021
Sian Phillips

Sian Phillips was invited onto the Trauma Informed Education Podcast earlier this month.

In the episode titled ‘Belonging and Coregulation in the Classroom with Dr. Sian Philips’, Sian introduces the Belong Classroom initiative and her book ‘Belonging: A Relationship-Based Approach for Trauma-Informed Education’, co-written with Deni Melim and Dan Hughes.

Sian is asked by host Dr. Govind Krishnamoorthy to start by thinking about her own experiences of education, as a child, and how significant some of her relationships with teachers were in her journey. She then takes us through what it is like for a child that doesn’t know how to make relationships, how the DDP model helps to build the foundations of an attachment and the trauma informed approach to Belong.

Belonging Book Cover - by Sian Phillips, Deni Melim, Dan Hughes

She also mentions another book ‘Working with Relational Trauma in Schools‘, which she co-wrote with Kim Golding and Louise M Bombèr.

Published in Australia by Dr. Kay Ayre, the Trauma Informed Education Podcast features specialists from around the world discussing how to help traumatised children in educational settings.

The podcast episode has been added to the DDP Library, you can listen to it there, through Apple Podcasts, on Soundcloud or through your podcast app.