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‘Little Grey Fox’ by Nikki Linfield and review by Robert Spottswood now published

5 October 2022
Cover image of Little Grey Fox - a fox looks at its reflection in water

Little Grey Fox, a new therapeutic children’s book by Nikki Linfield and illustrated by Bettine Harris is now available to buy.

This book explores the experiences of children who move to new homes, the challenges they and their new families can face and the impact of slowing down, acceptance and empathy.

The idea for this book took root when I was asked by an adoptive mum where she could find a ‘feelings’ story to read with her child to help with intense feelings of shame. I asked my DDP Consultant to recommend such a book. He said, “We need more good ones — you write it”.

So, I recalled how this particular child had an interest in nature, and how he once talked about seeing a fox in the garden. My hope grew that parent-child dyads could see in a fox story how to identify big feelings and co-regulate them at home with PACE, much as we do in sessions.

A talented young artist friend visualized the story magnificently, and we had a finished book. I hope you enjoy it!”

Nikki Linfield

We’ve added Little Grey Fox to the DDP Library, and you can purchase it from CairnsMoir Connections, UK, Caversham Booksellers, Canada, or email Nikki directly.

Nikki Linfield is a UK based Practitioner in DDP and Art Therapist.

Review of Little Grey Fox

Robert Spottswood, Consultant in DDP based in the USA, edited the book and has provided a review for the DDP Library under DDP Community Reflections.

He examines how core aspects of DDP (an attitude of PACE, an intersubjective stance, and relationship repair) are seamlessly woven into the narrative.

As he identifies, the story speaks to multiple audiences — children working through their own histories of maltreatment and feelings of shame, caregivers of children who have experienced maltreatment, and practitioners supporting children who have experienced maltreatment and their families.

You can read Robert’s full review in the DDP Library, Little Grey Fox: a review.