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‘Minding the gap’: developing mindfulness for adoption – in Adoption & Fostering

4 December 2018

‘Minding the gap’: developing mindfulness for adoption, by Ben Gurney-Smith, Patricia Downing, Katherine Kidd, Rebecca L McMillin has been published in the journal Adoption & Fostering.

Blocked care arises from parenting stress and with evidence that adoptive parents being at higher rates of stress, this article describes the rationale for using a mindfulness approach to alleviate this and cultivate the elements necessary to remain open and engaged with children who are resistant to connection.

This paper reports on preliminary findings that this may be helpful to parents and outlines the areas for further research and implications for practice.

The article can be found through the DDP Library, and downloaded in full (paywall) from the Adoption & Fostering website.

The article first appeared in the August 2017 issue of Adoption & Fostering, DOI 10.1177/0308575917702829, published by SAGE © 2017, and the copyright remains with them.