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New ‘Building Underdeveloped Sensorimotor Systems (BUSS) Model’ website

28 May 2020
The BUSS model logo

A new website has been launched for the The Building Underdeveloped Sensorimotor Systems (BUSS) Model.

The BUSS model ‘brings together sensory integration theory, attachment theory and a neurodevelopmental understanding of the impact of trauma on the developing brain’, and was developed by Sarah Lloyd.

Sarah Lloyd is an experienced Occupational Therapist and Play Therapist who has worked in CAMHS for nearly 30 years. Her book, ‘Improving Sensory Processing in Traumatised Children’, was published by JKP in 2016. Her second book, ‘Building Sensorimotor Systems in Children with Developmental Trauma: A Model for Practice’, was published in April 2020.

“The Building Underdeveloped Sensorimotor Systems (BUSS) model… brings together an understanding of how a baby and young child’s sense of themselves on a bodily level develops through experiences of being touched, held and of moving, all within the context of nurturing relationships.

Sitting alongside a neurodevelopmental understanding of the impact of trauma on the developing brain, attachment theory, child development theory and drawing on sensory integration theory, the model focuses on the development of foundation sensorimotor systems.

It takes as its starting point the understanding that without nurturing relationships babies don’t progress through the stages of movement that are needed to feed the brain and central nervous system with enough information to build an internal map of the body and lay the foundation for well coordinated movement.  Clinical experience suggests that these systems aren’t broken in the way that might be seen in children with sensory processing disorders, rather they are underdeveloped because of a lack of adequate movement experiences at critical stages of development. 

The BUSS model explores the potential for rebuilding the gaps in these systems left by early adversity, using games and activities within relationships that offer the child a loving, attuned base to grow from. This in turn gives a stable platform for the development of emotional regulation, relationships and learning.”

– Sarah Lloyd

More information can be found on the Building Underdeveloped Sensorimotor Systems (BUSS) website, and any queries can be made to

The BUSS Model website has also been added as a resource to the DDP Library.