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‘DDP Conversations’ parts 1 and 2 published on new DDPI Vimeo Channel

23 June 2020
DDP Conversations video chat

Sez Morse has made available two videos in the DDP Conversations series for the new DDPI Vimeo Channel.

Sez is joined by Joy Gamble, Kim S. Golding, Edwina Grant, Alison Keith and Delroy Madden for both videos, which are focused on the experiences of traumatised children, their parents, support workers and DDP therapists during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Part 1 called ‘Transitioning out of Lockdown: Building Secure Bases & Steady Bridges between Home and School’ includes discussions about “what might be going on for traumatised young people, their carers and parents and the school staff who will be beside them as they try to adjust to a ‘New Normal’.”

It can viewed in the DDP Library at DDP Conversations 1.

Titled ‘Transitioning out of Lockdown: How we might use the DDP Model to help adults at home and at school to support our traumatised young people’, part 2 includes more thoughts on “how to use the DDP model to build ‘Home-School Bridges’ to support traumatised young people and the adults around them through this new phase of uncertainty and beyond.”

Part 2 can be also be viewed in the DDP Library at DDP Conversations 2.

We would like to thank Sez, DDP Trainer and DDP Connects UK Director, for permission to add these videos to our Vimeo channel and DDP Library. All of her videos can be found on her YouTube channel.

DDPI Vimeo Channel

This video has been added to our new DDPI Vimeo Channel. We hope to use it to publish relevant and interesting video content that educates and informs people about Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Parenting and Practice.