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‘Psychologically Responsive Leadership’ with Kim Golding on the EVOLVING podcast

22 August 2023
Kim Golding

Dr Kim Golding CBE joined Dr Sandra Bloom to discuss the power of narratives in leadership recently in an episode of the EVOLVING: Psychologically Responsive Leadership podcast.

Dr Gill I’Anson and Dr Sue Knowles talk to Kim and Dr Bloom about the power of narratives and storytelling in both leadership and within the way teams and organisations work together. Storytelling is central to the DDP model.

This podcast episode offers a rich and thought-provoking discussion on why making space for relational connection and creating opportunities to discover both the different and the shared stories within teams and organisations can be so helpful. The discussion links these ideas within the nervous system, attachment and trauma. Kim shares her experiences about how PACE and storytelling can be developed and used in practice by leaders, teams and services.

The episode can be found in the DDP Library:

Dr Sandra Bloom is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist and Associate Professor, Health Management and Policy at the Dornsife School of Public Health, Drexel University, PA, USA.

The EVOLVING: Psychologically Responsive Leadership podcast series includes discussions “…with leaders, academics and intellectual thinkers from a variety of backgrounds about their thoughts and experiences of the key elements of good, psychologically responsive leadership.”