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Online ‘Putting the Brain in Treatment’ workshop series with Dr Jon Baylin

19 September 2023
Jon Baylin

Dr Jon Baylin is presenting a new online six-session workshop series exploring the neurobiology of various mental health difficulties starting on 19 October, 2023.

‘Putting the Brain in Treatment’ will be hosted from the UK by Bulby Psychology and Dr Shabana Bashir. It will run from 4-6pm GMT (8-10am PT / 11am-1pm ET / 5-7pm CET) on the following days: 19 October, 16 November, 21 December, 18 January 2024, 22 February, 21 March.

“During each two-hour session, Dr Baylin will present material about the neurobiology of various mental health issues, including developmental trauma, depression, anxiety, autism spectrum, and psychosis.

Dr Baylin will also present his integrative model of the processes of change combining relational processes, intrapersonal processes, and “neuromodulation” processes from newer developments in medication to neurofeedback. This is something Dr Baylin has immersed himself in over the past twenty years, with the goal of developing a brain-based model of mental health and a neuroscience-based approach to therapeutic interventions. Each session will also include time for group discussions and case-specific “brain storming” using the brain-based perspective.”

There is no prerequisite training requirement to attend this series, only an interest in the brain and trauma.

The series costs £240 for all six sessions and places are limited. To book your place and download the flyer please visit the Bulby Psychology website.

Jon’s work with Dan Hughes has been crucial in establishing DDP as a therapeutic stance rooted in an understanding of the brain and interpersonal neurobiology. Jon has spent years exploring and explaining the brain mechanisms behind care-giving and the parenting brain.

His work has also helped us to understand the chemistry of promoting connection, comfort and joy in children with blocked trust. Jon’s engaging and accessible teaching allows people to understand the neuroscience behind the mental health matters that affect so many of our children and families.

Dr Jon Baylin and Dr Dan Hughes are co-authors of Brain Based Parenting and The Neurobiology of Attachment-Focused Therapy.