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‘Riley the Brave’s Sensational Senses’ by Jessica Sinarski published

13 December 2022

Riley the Brave’s Sensational Senses the third in the Riley the Brave book series by Jessica Sinarski and illustrated by Zachary Kline, is now published.

Many children who have experienced trauma in their early relationships have difficulties processing sensory information. A good understanding of children’s sensory needs and knowledge about the impact of early stressful experiences on the senses can be used to support DDP parenting. This is also helpful when thinking about how best to help a child or young person in their DDP therapy sessions and other day-to-day situations that feel challenging.

This story provides a gentle and fun way of introducing and understanding the senses and the links between sensory processing and emotional regulation.

“It is hard for Riley to focus and have fun when he is feeling so many confusing sensations! He has porcupine moments and grumps at his friends, or turtle moments when he just wants to be alone. He even had a tiger moment, roaring at his teacher. With all these big feelings, how can he ever go to the fair?

Riley the Brave’s Sensational Senses teaches children about their senses through a playful story with real-life strategies for emotion regulation. It also features an educational afterword for grown-ups that explains our eight senses and includes tips for getting the most out of the book.”

We’ve added ‘Riley the Brave’s Sensational Senses’ to the DDP Library. You can purchase it along with the all the Riley the Brave books on the Jessica Kingsley Publishers’ US website (available in most countries) and in all good bookshops.


Jessica Kingsley Publishers US (JKP) are kindly offering 20% off the Riley The Brave series when you buy the books via their website and enter the code Sinarski2022 at checkout.

More information about the book series can be found on the Riley the Brave website, and Jessica has also created a Resource Bundle to help parents and caregivers.

Jessica Sinarski, LPCMH, is a DDPI Training Committee and DDP community member, clinical supervisor, consultant, author and educator, and Certified Adoption Therapist.