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Systematic evaluation of Nurturing Attachments Training Programme

5 July 2016

Professor Julie Selwyn, Hadley Centre for Adoption and Foster Care Studies, University of Bristol, has been commissioned to evaluate Kim Golding’s Nurturing Attachments Training Programme.

Based on DDP principles, it is an eighteen week group intervention for adoptive and foster parents. The programme is a published manualised intervention which to date has been subject to several evaluations of single groups which have been limited in terms of their size and methodology but have indicated it has promise as an effective intervention.

As part of the evaluation to develop a more robust evidence base, the programme was delivered by trained facilitators across four sites by Adoptionplus following Department for Education Innovations Grant funding.

The results are extremely positive and will be reported in full following an event on the 29th of September 2016 at Woburn Abbey hosted by Adoptionplus.

There will also be follow up data due for collection in September and qualitative interviews with a random sample (also independently evaluated) have already taken place to deepen the understanding of this programme more fully. Post group evaluation will occur for a random sample.

The hope is that the evaluation and follow up will deepen the understanding of this group intervention. The study is compliant with the guidelines outlined by NICE.