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‘Brain-Based Attachment Interventions to Transform Troubled Lives’ Zoom Conference, Dan Hughes and Jon Baylin

21 January 2021
Dan Hughes and Jon Baylin at the 2019 DDP Conference

Dr. Daniel Hughes and Dr Jonathan Baylin, authors of Brain Based Parenting, are to present an online conference on 12 March 2021.

Titled ‘Brain-Based Attachment Interventions to Transform Troubled Lives’, it will be hosted from the UK by CairnsMoir Connections and Grant Consultancy & Training (GCT).

The conference will run via Zoom from 12pm to 5:30pm. Tickets cost £45 for adopters, foster carers, kinship carers and students, and are £75 for professionals. They can be purchased directly on the CairnsMoir Connections website or by contacting CairnsMoir Connections to arrange invoicing at or 0771 242 1250.

The webinar will discuss Dan and Jon’s brain-based approach to interventions with children, first explored in their book ‘Brain Based Parenting’.

It will feature topics such as ‘Psychological Features of Attachment and Developmental Trauma’, the Neurobiology of Blocked Trust and Blocked Care, Affect Dysregulation to Regulation, Compassion and Empathy, and ‘DDP: The Path Toward Relational Safety and Development’.

For more information and to download the flyer please visit the CairnsMoir Connections website or email

Brain-Based Parenting: The Neuroscience of Caregiving for Healthy AttachmentBrain Based Parenting

“In this groundbreaking exploration of the brain mechanisms behind healthy caregiving, attachment specialist Daniel A. Hughes and veteran clinical psychologist Jonathan Baylin guide readers through the intricate web of neuronal processes, hormones, and chemicals that drive—and sometimes thwart—our caregiving impulses, uncovering the mysteries of the parental brain.”