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‘Working with Relational Trauma in Schools’ by Kim Golding, Sian Phillips and Louise M Bombèr published

21 December 2020
Working with Relational Trauma in Schools book cover

We are delighted to announce the publication of Working with Relational Trauma in Schools: An Educator’s Guide to Using Dyadic Developmental Practice by Kim Golding CBE, Sian Phillips and Louise M Bombèr.

This book is a vital guide for educators on how to use Dyadic Developmental Practice (DDP) and PACE with vulnerable pupils to help them thrive.

It is the first book in a new series exploring the practice of DDP within specific contexts. To celebrate JKP are offering a discount when the book is bought through their website (see below).

In partnership with Jessica Kingsley Publishers and with Kim Golding as the Series Editor, each book in this series will be authored by different people, each specialists in their own fields.

Kim, Sian and Louise write:

“We are pleased to see that the first book in this series is published this month – ‘Working with Relational Trauma in Schools’. Kim wrote this book with Sian Phillips and Louise Bomber.

We decided to base the book on Kim’s popular ‘Everyday parenting with security and love’. Essentially, we took this book, written for parents and carers, and translated it into a book for educators.

It describes the challenges that traumatized children can bring into school and explores how the DDP model can support educators to build safety and emotional connections with the children so that they can accept support for their behaviours and engage with learning. Alongside this self-care and support for the educators is emphasised. The book also includes additional chapters on helping adolescents in school and working in partnership with parents and networks.

There is a lot of current interest in applying DDP within education and we hope that this book will provide support and guidance to those working to do this and will inspire others to join them.”

Kim Golding CBE, is a celebrated author, DDP Trainer and DDPI Board Member, Sian Phillips is a DDP Trainer and creator of the The Belong Classroom initiative, and Louise M Bombèr is a DDP Practitioner, author and creator of the National Attachment Lead Network.

More information about the book can be found in the DDP Library and from Jessica Kingsley Publishers, and it is available from all good bookshops.


JKP are kindly offering 20% off for members of the DDP community when you buy the book via their website and enter the code RelTrau21 at checkout. The code will last a year from the books publication date.

Images copyright © Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2020.